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Rosslynites had one less food option earlier this week– the much-beloved District Taco food cart was evicted from its long-held ground in front of 1100 Wilson Blvd, and was forced to relocate elsewhere. Word on the street is that the capitanes of the 1100 Wilson Baja Fresh sicced lobbied the building’s owner to oust the competition.

According to a message on District Taco’s facebook page, the next door Baja Fresh filed a complaint to Monday Properties, the company that rents DT its morning operational space, that DT was stealing too much of their business.  Consequentially, Monday Properties raised the rent on DT forcing the truck’s owner, Osiris Hoil, out of his usual Rosslyn morning location.

Really, Baja Fresh?!! Really?!! District Taco is “stealing” your business? Isn’t this just some plain, good old American capitalism? Was DT’s superior product hurting your little feelings? Perhaps, you should stop whining about DT and focus your efforts on making a better breakfast burrito. Bam!

And District Taco’s cult-like followers are having none of it. Other tenants in the building, including online communications firm New Media Strategies, have launched a ravenous campaign to reinstate the vendor. Of course, 1100 Wilson is also home to WJLA and Politico– which have been deafeningly silent on the eviction. Will they let this taco injustice stand at their own doorstep?