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Meet Shira Toeplitz.

She writes Shop Talk for CQ – Roll Call and heads over to POLITICO in a few weeks.

As she’s preparing for the move, Shira spared a few minutes for a FamousDC Famous 5.

1. Today is actually your birthday, what is the best b-day gift you’ve ever received?

I went on a cheesy Carnival cruise with my little sister two years ago to celebrate our respective birthdays. We had a really good time, although later this month I’m headed to Greece with my little sister and my mother and I’m optimistic that will beat the cruise.

2. If you compared NFL teams to Members of Congress, which Member best represents the Pittsburgh Steelers? the Redskins?

Yinz know that I have only one bias in covering politics — and that’s for my hometown football team, The Pittsburgh Steelers. However, I’d like to make the caveat that my answers only represent the team as a whole and not any individual, ahem, sleazebag players who I think we should have traded before the draft.

I’d have to say that Rep. John Dingell is probably the Member most like the Steelers. First of all, he and his father have owned that House seat for just as long as the Steelers have been in Pittsburgh (both since 1933). There’s a lot to be said there about longevity. He’s had his share of ups, downs and an injury or two, but no matter what he’s always playing in the game. Plus, we won a Super Bowl in Michigan recently.

If the Redskins were a Member of Congress, they wouldn’t be anymore because he/she would not get re-elected. That Member (er, team) should have fired his/her chief of staff, campaign manager and consulting team a long time ago.

3. Rahm Emanuel calls and says he wants to grab drinks and dish the latest on his future political plans. Where are you two hanging out for the off-the-record talk?

I happen to know that Rahm and I have similar tastes in restaurants. I spotted Rahm Emanuel just a couple weeks ago at my favorite DC wine bar, Vinoteca on U Street. My boyfriend and I were celebrating the anniversary of our first date and the future Chicago Mayor walks right in the door. I almost sent him a drink with my business card, but I was off the clock and it was Saturday night.

4. You’ve amassed an interactive following on Twitter. Do you have anything special planned for the day you reach 2,000 followers?

Drinks with Rahm would be nice.

5. Which DC journalist do you most admire?

I admire the skills and careers of so many DC journalists, but my favorite has to be Mark Leibovich of the New York Times — and not just because he wrote that rather flattering magazine story on my future employer. In fact, I was asked the same question by the Politico folks in the interview process, only to find out later on that my favorite scribe was possibly working on what could have been an expose on the publication. But seriously, I still remember full sentences of some of my favorite Leibovich stories. He has an old-school journalist’s work ethic, and an artistic touch that simply can’t be learned.

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