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Want to win a The Fix t-shirt?

Who doesn’t?

Go play the the Fix’s Primary prediction contest!

Here’s the email from Mr. Cillizza:

Voters are voting in Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina!

And, as always when actual ballots are being cast, we hold a primary prediction contest — allowing Fixistas the chance to make their own calls about what will happen in various races around the country.

At stake? An official Fix t-shirt — now in sizes that actually fit regular people!

In the comment sections offer your order of finish (with percentages) in the following races:

* Ohio Senate (D): Lee Fisher vs Jennifer Brunner
* North Carolina Senate (D): Elaine Marshall vs Cal Cunningham vs Ken Lewis
* Indiana Senate (R): Dan Coats vs John Hostettler vs Marlin Stutzman

Polls close by 7 pm eastern in Indiana and 7:30 in North Carolina and Ohio so any entries submitted after 7 won’t be eligible for the t-shirt.

Predict away!

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