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Meet Chris Cillizza: the basketball playing, rap dancing, trivia night organizing, obsessive political reporter for the Washington Post.

Mr. Fix spent a few minutes between deadlines and dinner parties to answer five questions for one of our FamousDC Famous 5 interviews.

Famous Five Questions: Chris Cillizza

1. You just launched a new site, Post Politics, what can Fixistas expect?

The same but more!  The goal of PostPolitics is to give political junkies a central location for all of the Post content — including the Fix — as well as other great aggregated stories that are driving buzz. I have always thought of and tried to make the Fix one-stop shopping for political junkies. Our goal with PostPolitics is to do the same on a broader scale.
2. We know you run the courts with Pete and the Gonzaga crew, but could you take President Obama in POTUS? If so, what shot would you beat him with?

I have done a fair amount of research into the President’s game as I am generally skeptical of people who play in sweat pants.  That said, all of the reports I have gotten — since I haven’t been invited to play at the White House (HINT HINT) — are that he is a very solid player. And, it’s clear from his matchup with Clark Kellogg that he can shoot. My strategy would be to try and back him down in the post and wear him down. But, I am a pretty bad one-on-one player so it likely wouldn’t work.
3. We hear that you used to file 5+ stories per day when you working with Roll Call. Be honest, could Ed Henry take Mary Ann Akers in an arm wrestling contest?

Oooh. Good question. I have often wondered about that. Better question? What’s behind Tim Curran’s beard? Is it another fist?
4. This was one of the best days in the history of FamousDC. Will you ever rap-dance to another Eminem song and tie it to politics?

Yes. And that’s all I am saying.
5. Charlie Cook has gone on the record. How many seats do you think House Republicans pick up this election?

Today? Probably between 25-30. But, I think Charlie is predicting what he thinks things will look like — from a macro and micro perspective — in November. He is smart enough to do that. I’m not 😉