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We have no idea how we got so lucky, but we snagged a solid Famous 5 Questions with Neil Patel.

Patel is co-founder and Publisher of The Daily Caller, a web based news company focusing on politics, policy, and current events. Previously, Neil served as chief policy advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney. In that role, Neil represented the Vice President at White House economic and domestic policy meetings up to the Cabinet level, interacted with the business community on behalf of the Vice President, and managed the Vice President’s policy staff.

Without further hesitation …

1) You’ve worked with Vice President Dick Cheney and now Tucker Carlson, which one gives better advice?

Only a crazy person would go to Tucker for advice. He’s a guy who actually used to ride around with his 6 year old son bungee corded to the back of his motorcycle. Would you ask a guy like that for advice? I guess the VP by default.

2) The Daily Caller is a political news site that updates 24/7. Besides the DC, what is your first news read each morning?

I don’t really read the news. If there is something really important going on, I’m sure someone will just email it to me eventually. Okay. That’s not true, but a very famous venture capitalist in Silicon Valley did actually use that line on us when we were out looking for financing for The Daily Caller. Maybe its because of my refined poker skills, but I took that as a “tell” that he probably wasn’t going to be our investor.

3) President Obama calls you up on Thursday afternoon and wants to hang out. Where do you take him?

He’s the President. I don’t take him anywhere. I meet him at the White House, we jump in Marine 1, head to Andrews and then hop out to Vegas to hang at The Palms, play some craps and sneak some cigarettes like I keep hearing he still loves to do.

4) As part of the Daily Caller employee benefits package, does Tucker teach dance lessons? Be honest.

Tucker’s dance skills are so refined that its hard to pass them on to amateurs. He does often recreate his chair dancing moment from Dancing with the Stars and if any of the interns laugh, he beats them with a copy of the health care bill;. It’s a pretty bad scene.

5) Be honest, who’s funnier Jim Treacher or Matt Labash?

Treacher told me to say Labash. And Labash told me to say Labash.