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We were certain PoloFlow would spot Wale in Wired Magazine before we would.

Mario Aguilar: Music: Hip Hop’s Wale Tweets His Beats

In 2008, Washington, DC, hip hop artist Olubowale Victor Folarin, better known as Wale, sampled the plucky bass line and cheesy keyboards from the Seinfeld theme, emulated Jerry & Co.’s sardonic musings in his lyrics, and laid it all on top of beats from his hometown’s signature funk-dance subgenre called go-go. Wale (pronounced “wall-ay“) then posted the result as a free download titled (appropriately) The Mixtape About Nothing, a quirky, club-ready collection commenting on race, culture, and the meaning of life. The mixtape (which included a winking appearance by Seinfeld cast member Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was a runaway hit online, and Wale, who had signed with Midas-touch producer Mark Ronson’s Allido Records label in 2007, seemed prime for the big time.

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