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Members of Congress would love this kind of media attention.

Politico’s Daniel Libit: D.C.’s independent copy-editor

The 19-year-old sophomore at George Washington University has become the Washington press corps’ independent fact checker, copy editor and link distributor extraordinaire. His e-mails almost always lead off with a soupçon of praise, such as “In your excellent article today,” followed by a link to the story and polite notification of a mistake, anything from a broken hyperlink to a misspelled name. He offers the correction — “It’s ‘Haass,’ not ‘Haas,’” he wrote in regard to the president of the Council on Foreign Relations — and often a link as proof. He signs off coolly: “Best, Daniel.”

FishbowlDC’s Matt Dornic: Meet Daniel Lippman

Take note. Daniel Lippman just might be your boss in ten years. An avid FishbowlDC reader/tipster, Lippman probably knows more about the news industry than most media execs and veteran journos.

UPDATE : Who is Michael Calderone talking about?

Indeed, Lippman has already made himself known to many of DC’s top political journalists (and perhaps future employers). And he’s done so in a way that’s unlike some other young people trying to break into the media world. I remember one budding, 18-year-old pundit pushing himself repeatedly as profile subject to me, while reaching out in a similarly aggressive way to others in the newsroom. It didn’t work. Lippman, on the other hand, has gotten his name out there and forged relationships that young media upstarts would want, but did so in a completely different way. He’s simply been helpful and engaged.