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You know, maybe Dan Synder IS just right for Washington, D.C.

The lovable Skins owner is getting torn apart worse than his defensive line in the press this morning for kicking out "fans" who had the gall to bring unflattering — not to mention dangerous! — signs to FedEx Field on Monday night. Oh AND Snyder has apparently also banned local TV stations from interviewing, er, "gamegoers" outside of the stadium.

But, you know, Synder is really just following the well established policies of every U.S. President who’s had the honor and the privilege of leading the country through a really, really awesome war that seems unmanageable.

1) Win our hearts and minds by arresting all of those icky naysayers; and 2) make sure nobody’s allowed to see how bad it’s actually going!

Yep, Dan Synder: He may not know a goddamn thing about football, but this man knows how to LEAD.