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He used to be feared on the House Floor, now he hopes to bring the competition to its knees on the dance floor.  It’s the Famous Five with Tom DeLay

Are you worried about your level of competitiveness given that you’re the oldest contestant?

I didn’t realize until they announced the lineup that I was the oldest contestant by 11 years! So I’m hoping to corner the market on the AARP vote.

Be honest, did you do this to lose weight?

That was just a pleasant side effect. I did it to have fun, but now the competitive spirit has kicked in. I’ve been training really hard and already dropped more than twenty pounds, so at the least, maybe I’ll be “The Biggest Loser”. But who watches NBC anyway?

You’re paired up with some pretty cool celebrities, is Hollywood ready for Tom DeLay?

When I see Kathy Ireland on Monday night, I’m going to tell her that I’m not intimidated by her good looks. After all, I’ve graced the covers of as many magazines as her. Except that people use the pictures of me as dart boards.

Overall, I’ve taken a liking to LA. We enjoy a break from the Houston weather, and no one has a clue who I am.

Any cast mate you’re really excited to get to know?

I’m going to thank Michael Irvin for bringing all those Super Bowls to Texas, but warn him that he’s not the biggest playmaker on the dance floor.

How’s the injured foot?

Cheryl and I have a new motto “dance ’til it breaks.” That’s bound to make for good TV.