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Politico named their Top 50 Party People in DC, Sally Albright is actually Social Capitol, Ben Smith doesn’t agree with Jonathan Weisman’s Drudge take, Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim told everyone Cramdown is back, Brian Patrick got a Drudge flash with his Whip Count update, is this a Drudge only Friday round-up?, Jeff Dufour and Jayne Sandman got hitched, Kiki Ryan is heading over to the POLITICO, Blonde Charity Mafia may air later this year, Joe Wilson got 15 minutes and a 15-yard personal foul penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, Dan Ronayne and Sara Bonjean celebrated bacon and birthdays at the Tune Inn, Erick Erickson thinks the R’s are wimping out, Joe Mansour got Chuck’d, Elise Stefanik launched American Maggie, Tom DeLay packed up his RV and headed to LA, Patrick McHenry got all engaged, Patrick Ruffini likes to run, Micheal Turk is the only person still playing Mafia Wars, Chris and Alisha Perkins welcomed their second baby boy, Emily Zanotti doesn’t fix computers, Cyrus Krohn thinks pimpin’ is easy and tell Brian Diffell happy birthday today.