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Everyone in Washington has written a book, is writing one or plans to. One of our favorite readers sent in a few suggestions for book titles for Washington’s Heroes.

These are all in good fun, please don’t take ’em seriously.

Washington’s Famous Heroes:

You thought it, I said it
Joe Biden does Joe Biden

Sex, Money and Power – How I Managed to Get None of Them
By Jessica Cutler

A Goatee, Two First Names and a Dream: The Chuck Todd story

Wrestling Was Easier – My time as Speaker
By Denny Hastert

Bathroom Etiquette
By Larry Craig

Stop with all the hard questions – My time as Chair of the Intel Committee
By Silvestre Reyes

Don’t Call Me Liz!  The rise and fall of Elizabeth Becton

Why I don’t drive a Taxi : Senator Kennedy’s advice on picking a career

Bob Dole would like you to read this book about Bob Dole
By Bob Dole

I’m boring huh?  I’ll take your f****g car!  – What’s Al Gore been up to since 2000

Move over Mr. Larouche, There’s only room for one of us: The future of Ron Paul

Page Turner: A fascinating book about Mark Foley

Cold Hard Cash: William Jefferson’s savings secrets

The Idiot’s Guide to Getting Caught in a Prostitution Ring
By David Vitter

By Mark Foley

How to Buy Friends and Intimidate People
By Jack Murtha

The Sneetches are communists and other crazy things I’ve said on cable news
By Michele Bachmann

One vote, Two vote, Ok, I’m tired.
By James Clyburn