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We thought you meant… um…

A good old fashioned headline war is one thing. Completely opposite takes on something as banal as a Congressional agenda are a bit different. Yet that’s what avid hill rag readers got yesterday morning, courtesy of The Hill and CQToday, both of which took a look at the rest of the June-to-August stretch and saw… diametrically opposed realities?

The Hill: Democrats clear decks for healthcare

CQ: House and Senate Lawmakers Face Ambitious Agenda

So there you have it; Congress is either doing nothing but health care, or everything and health care, from now until August (when our brains REALLY melt from the heat).

Not to be out done, The Hill (yes, same paper as mentioned above) decided to also jump into the prediction fray:

The Hill: Congress Returns to Full Plate

Yes, it looks like the contradiction was made in the same paper, on the same day.

We’ll let our intrepid, uber-pol readers declare the winner (but we think the smart money’s here ).