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Brody Mullins and Lauren Poplawski got hitched, Elizabeth Edwards promoted her book in DC, Jessica Boulanger took the youngest Nationals fan alive to the stadium for battle with the Phillies, Querry Robinson celebrated a birthday, David Wade chased down a dude who stole his blackberry outside of Verizon Center, Garrett Golding celebrated a birthday, the NRSC banked more $$$ than the DSCC, Comcast and the NFL decided to play nice, Huntsman is heading to China, FishbowlDC got a facelift, Craig Fugate started at FEMA – and brought a flashlight to work with him, What is Neil Patel cooking up?, Bruce Springsteen rocked the Verizon Center, Don Stewart joined Twitter (@StewSays), Sean Grant celebrated a birthday, Reid Wilson broke up his contacts into small groups like "favorite reporters" and threw four separate house warming parties, flight attendants testified on the hill today, the speed reader Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) hired stole the show, Mike Viqueira celebrated a birthday, Danny Diaz was named a rising star,  Elmo and Kathleen Sebelius announced they will team up for a hand washing tour, Cheney vs. Obama terror speeches took over Thursday, Senator Ben Nelson grabbed pizza with his staff at Cap Lounge Thursday night, and go tell Anne Brady to have a happy birthday tonight.