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Let’s be honest, this might be a good idea on paper, but even Dan Snyder, who makes a living wasting money, would agree that this idea is a bit much.

WaPo’s Thomas Heath: Disney Buys Land for Future Resort Hotel at National Harbor

Washington Post Exclusive: Walt Disney Co. has bought a 15-acre parcel at National Harbor for $11 million and plans to build a 500-room hotel resort, providing another anchor for a 300-acre venture that seeks to rival the District as a conference and convention destination.

Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Jay Rasulo, says "it will be a project of significant scale and put a recognizable Disney footprint in the Washington area." Rasulo added that the project is not an attempt to build another Disney’s America.

It’s important that Disney executives realize that when it comes to theme parks involving ridiculous characters with large heads and enormous egos, DC is all booked up.


A reader writes in, it’s like Euro Disney – only ugly and boring.

Suggested rides:

Steve King’s wild ride: You and your kids try to scale an electrified border fence.

Stash Mountain: You too can try to hide money from the feds.

Pelosi’s It’s a Small World: … same ride … a placid annoying glide through diversity.

Inside the Epcot golf ball: John Boehner’s mini golf and cigarette emporium.

Pirates of the Potomac: You get in a kayak and have to navigate around medical waste / Odyssey tour boats and debris – in the middle of the ride you go under the 14th St. Bridge and are attacked by hobos … who steal your watch and wallet.  You don’t get anything back.

Dodge the Diplomat: Like bumper cars … but the "ride" is actually the parking lot of Washington Disney.

Don Young’s Safari: "This ride is interactive! Instead of just looking at animals like at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you get to actually shoot and kill real rare and endangered animals*
(*shuttles to the National Zoo will be provided)