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Every now and then a FamousDC post will fire up a few people.

We posted on May 14th about a story that Roll Call’s Emily Yehle and DCist’s Sommer Mathis also covered.

FamousDC: Drunk Man Enters Hart Senate Office Building – Attempts to Bar Hop

That same day a comment hit the post and it must have hit a nerve with a certain FamousDC reader:

Louis B Puller:

This is yet another example of the level of competency to be expected of the Capitol Police. Never have I seen such an unprofesional and inept police force. I have seen more discipline in the Afghan National Army. With the exception of those individuals on personal security details this is a wholly dysfunctionig organization.

b knight:

i would like to begin by saying that this is multifaceted problem. the general public has no idea what these officers have to endure and the STAFFERS dont care to know. now i will agree that this latest situation doesnt help any but a large chunk of this blame does not fall to the officers. let me back up for just one second and make a quick point. the capitol police force should hands down be one of the most elite police forces in our nation with an unlimited supply of funds for training and to purchase whatever equipment is necessary to perform their duties and protect the legislative process. but you cant have an elite police force when you have hiring quotas to meet therefore hindering the hiring process because they need “x” amount of blacks, hispanics, women, etc. but it is mainly because of STAFF (i.e. Rules Committee) or CONGRESS that these events take place because the officers have to coddle these individuals and stroke their egos. attempts have been made to harden the capitol complex but are always shot down for the CONVENIENCE of staff. you want to talk about discipline. 99.9% of these “idiot” staffers couldnt survive a week with more stringent rules. they would be crying in their cosmopolitans over in Lounge 201 on the first day. oh what a tough day i had. i came to work and the “dumb cop” wouldnt let me in because i was too stupid to remember my ID that i was told to have at all times from day one! and then i couldnt get a nail appointment and so on. these people are here for image not because they give a crap about what happens in our fine nation. your typical run of the mill staffer has their damn head buried in the sand! back some time ago there was a guy who crashed his car and ran into the capitol and was later found to have a gun. on the surface this looked very bad yes but it was the officers that got hosed once again and were made to look bad. at the time the acting IDIOT in charge said they didnt do their job but if anybody had a copy of he radio comms that day they would know that the first officer to engage him said he attempted to enter a barricade but when he was challenged he fled. a lookout was broadcast and a pursuit ensued that ended at the capitol. the subject then fled on foot in the cvc construction area and would have been quickly apprehended but he entered the capitol bldg because…(drum roll please)…and only because…the doors to the capitol were turned inside out(thats right-push bars on the OUTSIDE!) for the CONVENIENCE of STAFF(construction workers) so they could take a whiz. yet that never got mentioned and the officers were made to look as you say inept. if the police were actually allowed to police then capitol hill would be a place that people would not want to challenge. but nobody dares mention that every damn door has to stay open while in session so that staff or congress can easily move to their vehicles and not be inconvenienced and made to walk an extra block…heaven forbid!!! or mention that officers had to change their shifts and come in earlier to open a specific door because some fat-ass 400lb staffer didnt want to walk an extra 1/2 block to a door that was open. now again lewey i will agree that some things need fine tuning but its not just from the policing side of things. STAFFERS need to know that their nothing more than a drop of piss in a large toilet my friend and if they ever got their heads out of their rear ends long enough to take a look around maybe they would notice the bigger picture and that is…things cant be made safe when the powers that be dont want them to be safe. if you have a problem with what went on then grow a set of nuts, walk up to your senator and simply say sir we need to give capitol police the authority to do whatever necessary to protect this fine institution at all costs because their hands are tied by the congress that binds them! so run along now lewey and do something about it. go pour yourself a big cup of that flavored coffee you like to drink and get in the trenches and fight for that level of protection you so deeply desire but dont you DARE come out here writing your BS about incompetency and ineptness during Police Week when we are honoring not just all that have fallen in the line of duty but especially OUR two officers that gave their lives at the US Capitol july 24,1998!!!

We think this will have to be settled on the softball field.