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Ramesh Ponnuru was almost named to the Macon, Georgia City Council, Alex Ovechkin continued his campaign for DC Sports Savior, Obama supporter Colin Powell offered advice to the GOP via Chris Strohm, Mike Madden complained he’s never been called for DC jury duty, Kara Rowland invited Members of Congress to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner reception for The Washington Times – but didn’t get invited herself by her employer, Patrick Gavin’s "standing" video made the front page of MSNBC, David Rehr said goodbye to the NAB, John Scofield and Taylor Llewellyn celebrated birthdays, David Drucker covered the Young Guns rivalry of Cornyn and Ensign, Waxman ran into a global warming wall, Matt Dornic admited his affinity for Hootie and the Blowfish, Erin McPike got to the know the WH Correspondents 40 & Under for Capitol File, Jess Boulanger gave birth to a baby boy, Gail Gitcho was named RNC Press Secretary, and be sure to tell Brian Walsh happy birthday on Monday.