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THE WORD O’ WHEATON: Nation’s First Black President Tells U.N. to Stuff Anti-Racism Conference

The United Nations is a joke. The fact that it was George W. Bush saying as much for the last eight years didn’t make it any less a statement of fact. Perhaps one benefit of having Democrats in charge will be that we can ALL admit that without being called torture-happy right-wing reactionaries. When it comes to attacking the U.S., the West, and the sorts of civilizations that gave it life, it’s a cacophony of ankle-biting goons. When it comes to doing something–anything–about actual evil and true threats to the world at large, it’s both blind and toothless.

Of course, there’s always one bunch of useful idiots in our midst (and it’s typically this same bunch). The Congressional Black Caucus, last seen on its knees sucking off the Castro regime, is “deeply dismayed” that the Obama administration didn’t itself embrace a knee-jerk response just because the brain trust in the U.N. decided to call its hate fest an “anti-racism” conference. I don’t expect our elected representatives to have IQs much higher than a box of saltines, but these clowns continually fail to meet even my basement-level expectations.