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It all comes down to this.

We’ve seen battles, we’ve witnessed the verbal assaults, we’ve even seen pictures and updates from the White House briefing room.

64 twitterers started this tournament and today two twits remain: @MichaelTurk vs.@matthewgagnon .

Several story lines here folks:

Kung Fu Quip vs. The Howard Stern of social media
Kid endorsements vs. Kid endorsements

Who will come out on top? We’ll know in few hours. And we know both of these twitters will leave it all on the field interwebs.


The battle starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.
Voting counts for 75% of the final tally. Points are also awarded for: #FDC posts, endorsements, celebrity posts, videos, pictures, rap battle lyrics, on location updates from Mr. Yogato , and amounts of Mr. Yogato yogurt consumed today.

Remember, we’re playing for charity. The winner gets a yogurt named after him at Mr. Yogato – not to mention the fine folks at Mr. Yogato have agreed to donate all of the yogurt proceeds to the charity of the winner’s choosing.

What started as a dream to get the beltway all a Twitter during March Madness has been a huge success. Thank you to everyone who has played along. To everyone else (NM, JW), don’t worry — this will be all done today.

The battle begins now!