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Who says the media can’t be trusted?

Chris Cillizza : "his introductory remarks came across as shaky and uncertain"

A Slow Start: Obama is an expert at reading off a teleprompter without it appearing as though he is reading off a telemprompter. But, tonight he struggled badly. His gaze was just slightly lower than eye level on television, which meant that to a person watching on TV he looked like he was looking down. Obama also sped through the prepared text; it’s not clear whether that was because the prompter was moving too fast or because he simply wanted to get through it. Regardless, his introductory remarks came across as shaky and uncertain as opposed to strong and commanding.

Marc Ambinder : "Obama’s opening statement sounded good in person, and given my vantage point" [not that he was bragging]

Unlike in his first presser, Obama was composed and self-disciplined. He resisted the urge to banter with reporters. He did not smile all that much. He allowed himself a moment of anger in response to Ed Henry’s badgering on the AIG bonuses.