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After recently learning that Missouri State Rep. Curt Douchebaggery Dougherty sent out a fundraising appeal that read more like a ransom note than it did an invite, we’ve concluded that Mr. Dougherty might be Missouri’s finest politician, [ever].

Dougherty, who addressed the letter to Lobbyists, Friends, Supporters and Rich Uncles, invited people to drop by his office for what he described as an "Easy Fund Raiser Reception."

And just what exactly is an “easy fundraising reception,” besides something that doesn’t sound legal?  It’s an all day “drop by” in which Captain Curt will provide snacks and beverages.  The invite continues by stating: “I think you know where to find me, If you don’t, call my office for directions.”

Dougherty’s reason for holding such a shady fundraiser is almost as bad as the invite itself:

“I look around and all I see is people raising funds, all except ME.”

Curt, perhaps the reason you have such a hard time raising money isn’t because of a lack of trying, it’s because your approach includes using lines like these:

“Just remember, you don’t gotta like me to donate, you just gotta deal with me.”

And Curt, in case you need one more reason as to why you’re unable to raise money: May we remind you that you once traveled to a “Nude Recreation Convention” to speak to folks about how to better communicate with elected officials.

We repeat: You once exchanged business cards with a group of men and women that were not wearing any pants.