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Diplomats vs. Zip car rentals

If you spend any time in DC, you’re sure to meet some of the worst drivers in the country. For years, foreign diplomats took the title as the worst behind the wheel.  They were the ones who would cruise Dupont Circle at a minimum of 65 mph while making sure they blew through every red light along the way.  They were the ones who for no good damn reason would just stop in the middle of an intersection for an undetermined amount of time.  And of course, they were the ones who would park wherever they pleased. You can see examples here and here.

But then the Zip Cars moved into town. On paper, Zip cars sound like a great idea: they save money, they’re good for the environment, you don’t have to pay parking, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, this means the same people that metro to work and call Yellow Cab for a Safeway run are now behind the wheel.

You see them every weekend. They’re the young couple stopping in the middle of the intersection so they can look every direction, all while going nowhere and blocking traffic. They’re the 20-somethings trying to text on their cell phones while they simultaneously try to merge onto 395, and then out of know where they dart over two lanes just to make sure they don’t miss the Pentagon City exit. You see, nothing stops a Zip car driver in a 4-door VW when the mall awaits.

So long as Zip car drivers are going to be around, we were hoping they could adhere to a few rules:

1. If you can’t stay off the road, at least stay in the right lane.
2. Map out your directions to Linens & Things before you enter a busy intersection.
3. Tell whoever it is you’re on the phone with that you’ll call them back.
4. Pack a lunch, don’t make it in the car.