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Chris Cooley: Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald punked me in Hawaii. Getting down to half time, the NFC is trailing 14 to 3 and with only ten seconds on the clock and we’re fifty yards out. Of course anything can happen in a Pro Bowl and momentum changes happen nearly every drive. But, up to this point, we hadn’t really put anything together and it was looking pretty bad offensively for the Blue. Drew Brees is calling the plays and casually comes into the huddle saying lets give it one more shot before the half.

Before I was able to get in the doors Witten and Jared Allen joined me and they couldn’t even talk in between gasping laughs. I got to admit it was pretty damn funny and we joked about it throughout the halftime break. I started asking Larry and he just says Anquan’s his boy! Anquan said it was dirty though. I told Fitz that the rest of his career it doesn’t matter how good he plays, I will never remember anything besides him dumping on me in 09.

Seriously though, who just leaves someone hanging? I know he had to see me coming at him! A low five would have sufficed, now that I think of it I would have even been happy with a wave. I guess next time I’ll just have to show off my new tackling, kidney punching, helmet slapping celebration, that’ll get him!