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Yesterday we posted about the DC City Council’s reported willingness to let bars stay open until 5am during inauguration week.  We gathered our research from both the Washington Post, DCist roundup and the man who lurks in the shadows, Mike Panetta, who happens to be a D.C. Shadow Representative [how do we get that job?] and our friend on Twitter.

And even though we used language such as “will likely be lifted” and “to aprove,” our post upset Sommer Mathis who writes for the DCist.  She wrote:

The Council had yet to vote on Graham’s proposal, and Panetta was surely nowhere near today’s legislative session since he has his own day job to attend to, but that didn’t stop Famous DC from linking to Panetta’s Twitter feed as a source of news about the Council’s action on this legislation. Politico’s gossip blog, Shenanigans, then picked up the Famous DC post, and Wonkette did the same.

So now that everybody is over reacting about something as silly as this, we’re wondering, is this the equivalent to being grounded by a parent?  What happens if the City Council does approve the “last call” law?  Will we get our allowance back?

Sommer even ended her post with this gem:

Note to Washington bloggers for the future: Mike Panetta’s Twitter feed, while a pleasure to read, is not a source of D.C. Council news.

One clever commenter, who piggy backed on the DCist spanking, said this:

…its a revolutionary idea, but how about actually communicating with your sources before “reporting” the news.

Unfortunately we graduated from the Dan Rather school of Journalism, but we’re trying our damndest to get it right.

But, with that said, we’re so damn sorry.  We had no idea we’d tilt the entire Washington blogosphere by linking to a WaPo blog post after reading the DCist round up yesterday.  Which strangely, had language just like ours.

Whoa – the D.C. Council is considering allowing bars and restaurants to serve alcohol until 5 a.m., and to keep doors open 24-hours per day, between Jan. 17 and Jan. 21 to accommodate inauguration tourists. [The Examiner]

Will we ever be forgiven?

Until then, we promise no TV at night and no sleep-overs for a minimum of two weeks.

UPDATE: (WaPo confirming what FamousDC reported): D.C. Bars and Nightclubs to Be Open 24-hours A Day for Inauguration Week (can we have our allowance back now Sommer?)