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Move over Nora, you’re no longer the most popular “Last Call” in DC – at least for today.

Because so many important and intellectual political conversations happen between 2-5 am, the DC City Council has announced that “last call” during Inauguration week will likely be lifted – allowing party goers the opportunity to drink until five a.m. for five consecutive days.  [just like the conventions!]

The D.C. Council is considering Jim Graham’s legislation today to allow restaurants, bars and other establishments that sell alcohol to be open around the clock for a five-day period during the Inauguration.

“This is absolutely a unique opportunity, and we want our night life to participate in all of the activities and events during the Inauguration,” said Graham (D-Ward 1), after the council breakfast this morning.

The council is holding its legislative meeting today, and Graham said he is optimistic the bill will pass, though he said some details still need to be worked out.

Our livers hurt just thinking about this debauchary.

UPDATE: Early reports say the legislation passed the council.