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So your boss was defeated and you lost your job?   Now you’re pounding the pavement looking for a new gig. And you’re left thinking, life couldn’t get any worse, right?


This is the kick in the pants you needed.  That opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Change is good. Run with it.

Need further inspiration? Look no further than Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill Business Improvement District (thanks Makeda!):

Two years ago, Jeffrey Sledge was unemployed, addicted to heroin and sleeping under the Third Street tunnel. Today, he’s a supervisor for the Capitol Hill Business Improvement District (BID) and sleeping in a warm apartment with his name on the lease. After years of drug use and homelessness, Sledge, a 40-year-old Washington native found Ready, Willing & Working (RWW) – a program of the Capitol Hill BID – and things are looking up.

After seven months in the program, he has fully paid health insurance, a 401k Plan and last month he moved into his own apartment. “The first thing I did when I opened the door was drop to my knees and thank God,” said Jeffrey Sledge. “It feels like I’m back into society again. For the first time ever, I have the keys to a place I can call my home.”

Still need inspiration? Try this (thanks to Peter Shankman)