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We’ve received a few emails this morning asking about the post-election journo shuffle that’s going to take place in the coming weeks – and while we were ready to roll it out today, we’re still waiting to hear back from a few important sources [translation: we’re lazy] and have decided to hold off until Monday.

We promise it’ll be worth the wait.

We do have one important update though:

If you’ve followed Politico reporter Jonathan Martin over the past 20 months, you might have learned what most of his colleagues and friends have known for years – he’s a strange bird.

And even though we’ve decided to postpone our coverage, we do have a little insight as to where Mr. Martin will end up.

We originally figured he’d follow his heart and open up a Taco Bell.  After all, it was Martin who was live blogging from Taco Bell before it was cool.

But why did assume he would follow his heart, and the tiny little chihuahua?  Perhaps because it runs in the family.

“Taco Bell grew rapidly during the early 1980s. By 1983, when John E. Martin took over as president, the chain had 1,600 outlets in 47 U.S. states, producing a total of $918 million in sales.” [in the family]

Apparently our fast food instincts were a bit stale.  JoMa recently spilled the refried beans.

“As for this blog, it will remain up in the days ahead if at slower metabolism than, oh, the last 20 months.  I’ll be transitioning to the White House beat, but will also be keeping a close eye on Republican rebuilding and will have first-hand accounts from a few of the post-mortem party confabs.”

Tune in Monday and find out where the rest of his colleagues might end up – including some who might be headed to the circus.