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Congress is out of town, the campaign trail is hot, and the elections are right around the corner.

But, if you’re still looking for something to do, luckily DailyMotion.com has got you covered.

DailyMotion is hosting Politics Schmolitics this week (10/28, 10/29).

Today and Wednesday the DailyMotion staff is giving equal time to Obama and McCain videos on the homepage. So they are looking for outstanding bloggers to suggest or submit videos for homepage.

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Here’s what Daily Motion will be doing:

Dailymotion will provide Equal Time for Election 2008 by Donating One Full Day Each to Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin Video

– Several million viewers expected to see candidate related videos on October 27th (McCain/Palin) and October 29th (Obama/Biden)

– Dailymotion home page will be dedicated exclusively to candidate related videos. Channels – from Politics to Humor to Family to Animals will feature candidate videos

– To upload or view all videos, users can visit Dailymotion’s Politics Schmolitics group.

– Users are invited to contribute original videos or to provide suggestions, via comments in Dailymotion’s already active Politics Schmolitics group.