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We’re often asked – who is FamousDC?  Good question…

FamousDC is that District celebrity that everyone stops to talk to when they’re sitting outside of Sonoma, but someone no one will recognize outside the beltway. They‘re someone who is behind the scenes and just below the radar.

Like an approps staffer that controls huge purse strings, but still can’t get a table at Milano. Or the cable TV booker who can make careers with a single booking assignment.

FamousDC is the press secretary that can zing people with a deadly background quote, but can’t zing anything on the softball field.  They’re that goofy political reporter who jams to Eminem on YouTube, but is likely the butt of a few jokes at family reunions.

They’re arm chair bloggers who can sway beltway conventional thought, but at the end of the day, sit alone in the lunchroom.

FamousDC is someone you work with, for and against.  They’re the popular kid and the quiet one too.  They’re the good looking lad – and the not so good looking one as well.

And of course, they’re even the guy that open doors for the rest of us.

We’re having as much fun following these types as you have reading about them- but we can’t do it without you. Please keep the tips flying in! [email protected]