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Happy Friday.

A few thoughts…

1. Today is international talk like a pirate day. Be sure to use “poopdeck” in most every sentence ye use. If ye can do that, then we thinks we keep the terrorist from winning – at least for today.

2. The stock market crashed earlier this week and now it is climbing again. We don’t understand either.

3. Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD) endorsed Obama. Might as well make some noise on the way out.

4. The hurricanes are gone. Ike left one house standing in Galveston, Texas.

5. The GOP is turning on the president. It took 7 years and 9 months for them to go toe-to-toe with the WH. That is like waiting until your dad’s in his 70s to challenge him to a boxing match that will decide once and for all whether or not you can put your elbows on the dinner table.

6. Weekend plans? The Redskins are in town and fishing is supposed to be great on the Bay.