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UPDATE: Fortunately for fans, Cooley has taken the picture of his junk off his blog.  For those of you utterly confused as to what’s going on.  Our man Cooley accidentally snapped a picture of his playbook, and unbeknown to him, also featured his junk in the pic.  Dead Spin has much more.

We don’t really understand this, but we’re cool with whatever it takes to keep the Skins winning. It seems Chris Cooley is working hard to “get a head.” Check out the pics and comments and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Chris Cooley:  The Edge

Two weeks ago we received our play-books and Zorn asked us if anyone had noticed “the edge” section. Nothing was placed under the edge tab, it was just a blank section. He went on to describe this was a section in the playbook especially for the individual. It was to put in non game-plan things from the week that would give us a special edge in the game.

I wanted to be the guy that buys into everything so last week I found a few things about the Giants, I had a couple quotes and a few pictures. It didn’t do shit for me, so this week I made a change up. I found a GQ laying around and tore out a few choice pictures, I also found pictures of a few old friends in one of last year’s Resdkin programs. There’s much more, but I think this gives a pretty good idea of my edge for the Saints.