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If train wrecks came in newspaper form, today’s Hill would be the accident scene – and Stevie Wonder would be the conductor.

Today, congressional staff will answer fewer letters… Staff assistants will take longer to transfer calls… And that boring legislative wonk down the hall gets a few extra looks.

Yes, the list we all love to criticize (but can’t look away from) is out today.

Betsy Rothstein and The Hill present….

The 5th Anniversary issue of the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill

Top 10

1. Tulani Elisa
2. Brecke Latham
3. Roy Zimmerman
4. Elizabeth Kucinich
5. Kwame Canty
6. Ivy Larson
7. Mustafa Ali
8. Emily Zammitt
9. Rep. Gresham Barrett
10. Kristina Spiegel

50 Most Beautiful – 40 More
Most Beautiful Office
–  Rep. Ric Keller

Stay classy!

UPDATE:  They said it, we didn’t. [commentary]