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What else would an All-Pro NFL TE announce on his blog after a summer of marrying a cheerleader and hanging with Dale Earnhardt, Jr?

The Cooley Zone: 2008 Beard Growing Contest:

Well, only five days before training camp and I’ve been trying to get in the right mindset, but it’s tough! It seems like if I can do something stupid or silly it makes it easier to get through some of the days. I pulled off the long hair, I wore the shorts, there is always a couple sharpie tatoo days but now I’m ready for a new adventure…Greatest facial hair of training camp is going to be this years motif. After leaving Wyoming for my summer vacation I came home with quite a start on my new project. It’s been a little over two weeks since I’ve shaved and I’m as proud as I can be! One thing about my little endeavors is that it is much more fun if I can have a partner in crime, or as many participants as possible. So I’ve decided to start the Chris Cooley Beard Growing Contest.