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Politico’s John Bresnahan used his Monday column to take a few shots at Human Events and Jeb Babbin:

The really, really excellent “journalists” at Human Events have just found out that Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) will testify tomorrow before the select committee investigating last August’s “stolen vote” on the House floor.

Let’s forget about the fact that Hoyer’s appearance before the select committee has been scheduled for a couple weeks, and that the House is spending $450,000 of taxpayers’ money investigating something that should have taken a couple of hours — at most — to clear up. What I really liked about this “story” by Jed Babbin (a former undersecretary of Defense under the first President Bush) is his use of the name “Boss Hoyer” to describe the majority leader.

Red State’s Erick Erickson [viking name?] jumped to Jed’s defense and took a few swings at Bresnahan on his Red State blog:

Bresnahan casts aspersions on Jed’s journalistic integrity while seeking to downplay what the House is looking into — whether or not a vote was closed and then reopened in violation of House rules to ensure a Democrat win. Along the way, the “journalist” identifies Babbin as

an unsuccessful Republican congressional candidate and former undersecretary of Defense under the first President Bush

Well, he got the “undersecretary of Defense” part right, but Jed has not run for office since high school, and he won that race.

Glass houses, stone throwing, and all that.

Round 1 of Erickson vs. Bres looks to go to the gentleman from Georgia. We’ll pay attention and let you know if either side jumps up for Round 2.