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Who were the ad wizards behind this PSA?  And who in their right mind thought featuring a Pope bobblehead riding the metro was a good idea?

Incase you missed it, DC Metro went in-house [not suggested] and created what someone thought was a creative PSA attempting to motivate people to ride metro next week when the Pope is in town.  Only problem, the ad missed the mark.

Normally at this point during a post, I’d write in defense of someone … “a seemingly good idea at the time…” – but this clearly was NOT a good idea – at any point.

And more importantly, did they leave this up to an intern to approve?

From Yahoo News:
WASHINGTON – The transportation agency for the nation’s capital has pulled a promotional video from YouTube after the Archdiocese of Washington complained about the star: a Pope Benedict XVI bobblehead doll.

The video shows the bobblehead riding a Metro train and buying a special one-day pass. Metro’s media relations director, Lisa Farbstein, dreamed up the video and says no offense was intended.

As if shamefully using the Pope bobblehead in their PSA wasn’t enough, one YouTube commenter had this to say:

“As for the use of the bobble-head Pope; It’s not as if Christians have any fatwas against the graven image of it’s religious leaders.”

Can we really blame them for trying to make a quick buck off the Pope?  I mean, these people do a great job of it.

Here’s the DELETED video: