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A scary precedent was set Friday when an Uber driver was ticketed in a DC sting operation.

Not only is this a massive overstep by city officials, it discourages innovation and competition.

If you support Uber and free enterprise, sign the petition below.

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The DC Taxi Commissioner’s Attacks On Uber Have Gotten Even More Ridiculous

An Uber Surprise in DC


If you want to voice your support for Uber in DC to the DC Taxicab Commission, contact their office at (202) 645-6018, email them at [email protected] or even send them a letter to:

DC Taxicab Commission
2041 Martin Luther King Junior Avenue, SE, Suite 204
Washington, DC 20020-7024


UBER - Shana

Photo courtesy of Shana Glickfield


Greater Greater Washington’s David Alpert: Uber Deserves a Chance to Succeed

DC Taxicab Commission Chairman Ron Linton thinks Uber, a new service that lets people reserve luxury-sedan rides from their smartphones, is illegal. If he’s right, then something is wrong with the law, not with Uber. …

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