There are boozy brunch specials to be found all over the city every weekend. However, a boozy weekday lunch deal is a bit harder to come by. Fear not, we’ve done the work for you and tracked down a few of our favorites. We’ve gathered a range of cuisines to suit any palate and all for $20 or less. So whether its your coworker’s birthday, your boss is out of town, or you need just a bit of liquid courage before that afternoon pitch (note: we said, “just a bit”) these five restaurants will fix you right up!

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DC photographer Zack Lewkowicz captured this stunning photo during the fireworks display at the Jefferson Memorial encompassing the patriotism and celebration of Independence Day. This site was viewed by thousands of individuals at the United States Capitol, the national mall, and the Washington Monument.

A-Perfect-Fit-Day1Local nonprofit, Thrive DC partners with Adams Morgan retailer, Le Bustiere Boutique and international brand, Curvy Kate to bring 500 new bras and underwear to homeless women.

“Homeless women struggle in unique ways that are oftenoverlooked but are critical to their ability to build themselves up with dignity and determination. Proper hygiene and clean, presentable garments are an essential part of feeling good about oneself.” – Alicia Horton, Executive Director of Thrive DC

A Perfect Fit Day takes place tomorrow, July 7 from 1:00PM- 4:00PM at Thrive DC.

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Famous Friday Round Up



Weather: Keep your rain gear on standby! This Saturday’s 4th of July is looking a bit grey with a 50% chance of thunderstorms and a high of 81. Sunday is mostly sunny with a high of 85  but might bring some rainy skies in the evening hours.

Awesome events you can attend this holiday weekend: 4th of July Weekend Party HotspotsSmithsonian Folklife Festival Featuring Peru; Free Independence Day Concert on Capitol Hill; National Mall Fireworks; Enjoy the All American Experience at the MLB Nationals Game



FYI it’s cool to hate banks; Chris Christie is on Snapchat as Christie.2016; Google is tricking us all; We have to admit Ted Cruz does some pretty impressive Simpsons impersonations; It was ALL Britney’s fault; There’s a joke in here somewhere; Obama’s Amazing Grace; Confederate flag fan fiction; Who saw this coming from Vox? Anyone?; Lebron James and the most epic ransom note ever; Obama’s same-sex equality speech; Rough life Hillary, fax machienes are tough these days; 21st Century Cures Act being discussed on the House floor next week;



Tired of answering “where can I eat by the National Mall?” and “What else can we do this weekend?” Well, the Washington Post did you a favor; Calvin Coolidge joins the Nats Roster;  “Dear GOP Staffers“; Pope Francis is making his DC debut this fall; Singin’ on the steps; Distil Networks raises $21M to improve cybersecurityUnion Market held its annual competition for booth space and these are the hopeful competitorsMeridian Pint celebrates their 5th anniversary of providing American craft beer; People traveling the metro red line are having the worst week ever. Again; FYI: street closures for Saturday’s 4th of July celebration; The sushi burrito is finally here. Get it at Buredo;



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The Capitol Club

Join the Capital Club for the BIGGEST PARTY of the Year and and the Official Opening Ceremonies for August Recess! A FRIDAY Night of Cocktails and Carousing at The 23rd Annual Summer Sinatra Soiree. Tickets include premium open bar, desserts, and appetizers. FRIDAY, July 31 9:00 PM-1:30AM at The Mead Center for American Theater 101 6th Street SW, Washington, DC. Premium Open Bar, Light Appetizers and Desserts, 3 Tiered Levels with Live Music from Radio King Orchestra, 400 Person Covered Outdoor Patio.

Buy tickets now and use $15 discount code “FAMOUSDC.”


Famous birthday wishes for: Ruben Leija; Caitlin CarrollZach O’DonnellJade Salazar; Kelly Ayotte; Michael M. Honda; Jeff Miller; David Scott; CJ HincyDonna Edwards; Michael G. Fitzpatrick; Blake DvorakVirginia Foxx; Hannah Flint; Collin C. Peterson; Claude Chafin;  Maureen WestphalBarbara Comstock; Amy SmithJoni Ernst; Mark Takai; Kara RowlandDough LaMalfa; Elise Stefanik; Randy Weber; Kate MacGregor; Michael LaRosa Lamar; Alexander; Glenn Grothman; Sam Farr; Jim McGreecyJohn Fleming; Him Himes; Nita M. Lowey; Roger Wicker; Neal A. Patel; Lauren Demasi; Olivia Cinquegrana; Kevin Gannon; Macenzie Peters; Mark Smith and happy birthday to FDC’s Editor, Marie Formica;


Let the Steve Martinko Congressional Flag Football free agency begin; Kelley Hudak is an amazing human; Congratulations to Hadas Gold and Christopher Hooton on their engagement (h/t Playbook); Victoria Treece is back; Meanwhile Hollis Gurley is definitely famous now;  Ask Sarah Swinehart if she enjoyed Hank’s Oyster Bar; Jack Smith says if If you’re not wearing American flag shoes this weekend – you’re doing it wrong; Bennett Richardson is now officially an international man of mystery; Matt Lira moves back to DC; Alex Finland launches new media company; Shout out to Lindsay Rhodes and Sean Garcia on their all American wedding; Dolle’s owner keeps the boardwalk business alive in Rehobth;  Laura Nichols is killing it at PRWeek!;



If you’re in Alabama this weekend stop into Famous Amos Fireworks located on Highway 411 in Centre, Alabama. Famous Amos Fireworks brings the best deals and loudest firecrackers to Georgia and Alabama. Free sparklers with every purchase.

Famous Amos



Brad Dayspring leading the (Unintimidated) PAC as Senior Advisor; IMGE has a huge hiring and promotion round – Megan Foote is VP, Ashleigh Grant is political account manager, Christina Heimerdinger is political account manager, Sarah Heidlberg is Director of Corporate Advocacy, Matt Capristo is Director of Advertising; Melissa Block is leaving her anchor position at NPR and moving onto her new position as a special correspondent;  Roger Ailes is here to stay, signing a new multi-year contract with 21st Century Fox.



After winning their match against England, the United States women’s national soccer team is prepping to knock the socks off Japan’s women’s team on Sunday.

But how will you know when to tune in, you ask? Better visit to find out.




God bless America.

Former DC resident and vetted Republican Party staffer, Kathryn Staczek Rudloff submitted this letter to earlier this week. We were happy to be a forum for Kathryn’s concerns; and we encourage all others to submit your thoughts/ rants/ funny stories/ love letters/ and snide remarks to us via email. Have something to say? Tell us.

Thanks for reaching out, Kathryn!

Dear GOP Staffers On Capitol Hill –


Photo by Jim Havard submitted to the FamousDC Flickr Pool

Your jobs are so important.  Everyone knows Washington DC runs on the blood, sweat, and confidence of the thousands of young professionals who work around the clock to support a cause they believe in, a country they love, and on Capitol Hill, they support a boss whom represents their ideals.

Except when they don’t.  

Staffers often justify working for a boss that they may disagree with on a few issues, because we want to agree on the big picture.   We think about the ideas of the Party or a movement.  We think about the future of our country and the ideas and philosophies that guide our elected leaders so they can achieve that vision.  We tell ourselves that it isn’t our position to lead the country yet, we are following our bosses lead.  We support and further their effort.

Even when we shouldn’t. 

I call on each of you to weigh the gravity of the times we are in, and recognize this is turning point for our country and our Party.  Your boss might be the one elected, but Obergefell v. Hodges marks the beginning of an era led by the Millennial generation – a generation that is double the size of the generation before it.

We are the generation that has grown up knowing the truth of equality and have faith that is firmly rooted in the Lord’s saving grace.  We are the generation that must lead our country through this time of great change.

If we don’t rise to the occasion now and help lead our Party forward on solid footing on this civil rights issue, then 50 years from now this decision will still be tripping our nation up the same exact way that we still struggle to overcome the racial inequality our Party passively permitted in the wake of Brown v. The Board of Education.

I call on each of you to have a conversation with your boss.  Tell them how you feel about this issue personally, and ask them how they really feel.  Ask them not to pander to the vocal minority who are going to struggle with this change.  Ask them to be bold.  Ask them to lead.

And if they are not willing to, tell them you are.  

Millennial staffers who help shape policy and politics in Washington are perfectly poised to heal our country from the lingering hate of racial and sexual inequalities of the past.  You must force the issues within our Party and Congressional leadership.  Do not compromise.  Do not waiver.  And if they won’t listen to you now, then they risk losing the Millennial vote not just in 2016, but forever.

Kathryn Staczek Rudloff worked in Republican politics from 2002 to 2010.  In 2006 she voluntarily left the beltway in May, fleeing from the lack of leadership of Washington to seek out candidates she could support whole heartedly.  Since 2010 she has been a recovering politico raising two beautiful children in suburban Florida.  You can follow her recovery at

240ef64Wishing the happiest of birthdays to our amazing editor, Marie Formica! Marie is all things famous for DC: smart, funny, quick, ambitious, savvy, and MORE! She keeps us in line and inspired every single day. She also knows literally everything about the Internet. Thanks for being born, Marie! We don’t know what we’d do without you.

xoxo, The Famous DC Team

It’s that time of year again, when Americans all across the nation celebrate the pride, freedom, and honor they feel from the right to be…


An Independent.

Independents day is a reminder that today and everyday Independents celebrate the right to be indecisive, the solace of knowing you can always rely on hindsight bias, and the advantage of always having the “other” party as a scapegoat. We honor you, Independent Americans, with your Switzerland-esque approach to all things controversial and your devil’s advocacy in every debate. Truly, without out you, far too many decisions would be made in a timely manner and countless politicians would be held accountable for their non-sensical variance.* So today and everyday, when you pledge allegiance to the American Flag, stand tall. Stand proud. Stand for Independents.

*But seriously, in true #Independent fashion, we totally get it and support the essential role filled by the Independent party.