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Famous Friday Round Up



If you’re staycationing in DC, beautiful days ahead: Saturday 72 °F and sunny; Sunday 83 °F and sunny; Monday 91°F and sunny;



Beautiful places that could soon disappear forever; ICYMI Letterman’s final top 10; you can now officially play the word “LOLZ” in Scrabble; Does color even exist, man?; Best hate-mail ever: man cross-stitches his bank card & sends it to the bank while waiting for a replacement card; Many song lyrics are on a 3rd grade reading level; Nope nope nope nope nope; Eliot Spitzer has a new baby and it’s a cat; Maggie Gyllenhaal is too old; you have never had a bad birthday party; looking at Appalachia anew; Irish people going #hometovote;



A day in the life of a Capitol Hill reporter; National Journal cited some of the most powerful women in Washington and Alexis Covey Brandt is one of them; Rosa DeLauro rocking these frames; from the non-news desk – rich DC residents like to cheat on their spouses; #FloridaMan; Capitol Police getting extra training; Does ump Marvin Hudson hate the Nats?; Yes, this cat cafe is really happening; Conservatives taking a break from Chick-fil-A; how well do you know your way around DC?; DC murder suspect identified by DNA left on pizza crust; vote for your home state food at the Taste of America;  Google Maps having problems with racist slurs directed at the President; best 25 of Washingtonian’s cheap eats in DC; Jessica Sidman calls out DC for weak breakfast scene; amazing love story behind this Fairfax house; Good explainer on the Nats and chocolate syrup; DuPont underground tunnel will be an impressive art space; a true story of the DC life, as told in gifs by Jacob Wood;



Michael Steel’s amazing sendoff; John Murray JAMS. Seriously.; S3 rocked Stanton & Greene; Batting fourth for the Washington Nationals, US Travel’s Jonathan Grella; Tell Paul Stimers congratulations on the House of Representatives passing the SPACE Act; Tell Lori Brown and Brian Werner congrats on getting hitched this weekend; Alex Rodriguez hung out on the Speaker’s balcony with an international man of mystery; Steve Scully is the most patient man on television; It’s good to know Tim Tracy keeps a bowl of cookie dough in the fridge like the rest of us plebes; Please tell Reid Wilson, aka @ConsultReid, congratulations on his move to the Morning Consult; Michael Ramlet is building an empire; Kathleen Joyce continues to crush it at NBWA; Hollis Gurley is from Morristown NJ; Sometimes it’s worth vacationing Imperiale Style; Congratulations to Dena Battle and Jonathan Wolcott on their nuptials last weekend; Victoria Palmer‘s baby Goldeneye handily won pet of the week; Liz Eddy! We miss you; Where in the world is Chris Brooks?; Nina Shelat is a badass; Cyrus Krohn  graduated; Yahoo! celebrated 20 years. Kenny Day is still the man;  Matt Woelfel rocks his Shinola watch as any proud Michigander should;  Rob Saliterman is gearing up to do BIG THINGS with Snapchat; Peter Cherukuri can pull off the seersucker like nobody’s business; Lauren French tells it like it is in Huddle (“AROUND THE HILL – Not much”); Mike Dankler shaved a MINUTE AND TWENTY EIGHT SECONDS off his 6 mile PR;



Happy birthday this weekend to Anne Brady Peron, Chuck Clapton, Britton Clarke, Rory Cooper, Sarah McDonald and Kasie Hunt; Wish Jillian Lane a happy birthday today;Brent DelMonte celebrated his 21st birthday; You only have two shopping days left to get birthday gifts for Anna Palmer, Matt Lakin and Kate Ackley Zeller; we hope Julia Judson-Rea had an amazing birthday week;



Tweets we liked you can RT, @mention, or just enjoy: billclinton; POTUS; andersoncooper; chrishams; MaryLeeShark; thisstuartlaws; marcia_bee;


#MEDIAMOVES by Bryant Row

Kimberly Hefling joins PoliticoPRO and the Politico education team (h/t Nirvi Shah); Garrett Quinn will join Boston Magazine as digital news editor; That’s L.D. Platt, Vice President of External Affairs Communications at UnitedHealth Group, to you; Tim Herrera moving from WaPo to NYT;



The Congressional Women’s Softball Game announced their lineup. For the Members: Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Rep. Joyce Beatty (D, OH-3), Rep. Cheri Bustos (D, IL-17). Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), Rep. Kathy Castor (D, FL-14), Rep. Katherine Clark (D, MA-5), Rep. Donna Edwards (D, MD-4), Rep. Renee Ellmers (R, NC-2), Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D, HI-2), Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D, NM-1), Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R, WA-3), Rep. Kristi Noem (R, SD – At Large), Rep. Martha Roby (R, AL-2), Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R, FL-27), Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D, AZ-9), Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D, FL-23), Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY-21), Rep. Kathleen Rice (D, NY-4), Rep. Mia Love (R-UT-4); Coaches: Tori Barnes, Natalie Buchanan, Jim Kiley, Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D, CO-7). For the Media: Jill Agostino, New York Times; Christina Bellantoni, Roll Call; Lisa Desjardins, PBS NewsHour; Elise Foley, Huffington Post; Emmarie Huetteman, New York Times; Caroline Horn, CBS News; Kasie Hunt, MSNBC; Jill Jackson, CBS News; Brianna Keilar, CNN; Tamara Keith, NPR; Abby Livingston, Texas Tribune; Carolyn Ryan, New York Times; Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun Times; Shawna Thomas, NBC; Amy Walter, Cook Political Report; Mikayla Bouchard, New York Times; Julie Percha, Washington Post; Coaches: Dave Espo, AP; Carl Hulse, New York Times; Frank Thorp, NBC;



If you’re not already on the road, you’re doing it wrong. Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Last night Washington, D.C. royalty gathered together at Bobby Van’s Grille to send off Michael and Mary Kathryn Steel as he takes his talents to South Beach.

From the desk of Mary Kathryn Steel:

“Michael and Mary Kathryn want to thank everyone who came out last night, especially the all-star host committee of B-Buck, Xtine, Sue D, Rodell, PK, Dornic and the Paust. Huge thanks to Famous DC for introducing us to each other and for your advice and support all along the way! There’s an air mattress in the 305 with your name on it.”

There were too many FamousDC folks there to include a spotted. However, Tom Williams did catch Doug Heye signing a picture of himself on Steel’s back.

Mike Steel

And now, a few of our favorite Mike Steel FamousDC posts:

Fairy Tales from the Speaker’s Balcony

Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Benjamin Netanyahu, and John Boehner

Capitol Hill Fashion Icons

Famous Meridian, Mississippi

Jonathan Grella, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs at the U.S. Travel Association censured the Presidents’ Race to let D.C. know that travel is more than just a pastime, as their ginormous new Nats Park ad says. It’s also serious business.

As part of a massive, multi-year industry positioning campaign, you’ll be hearing more about the travel industry’s essential economic contribution.

IMG_5290 IMG_5256 IMG_5296

When you work on the Hill, certain tasks can take over the time you spend at the job. You’re not exempt from this if you don’t actually work for a Senator or Representative on the Hill, either. The Capitol Hill reporter gets sidetracked too. We asked former and current Hill reporters how their time is spent at work. This week, we have how a Capitol Hill reporter’s day can sometimes be divided.

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S-3 Group out does themselves again for their 4th annual firm party welcoming Rob Collins by turning Stanton and Greene into a rock venue featuring Detached Retina Music

Ask John Murray when he is going on tour with Pearl Jam.

Jeff Gordon can’t parallel park on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Spotted: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry, House Minority Whip Steney Hoyer, Gov. Haley Barbour, Senator Moran, Senator Barrasso, Chairman Upton, Chairman Flores, Chairman Nunes, Congressman Duffy, Congressman Fleischmann, Congressman Rick Larson, Congressman Valadao, Congressman Peter Welch, Congressman Zeldin

Women in red: Jen Hing, Alexis Covey-Brandt, Susan Collins, Paula Delgado

John Shank, Boeing; Patrick O’Keefe CH2MHill; Matt Chiller, Ch2MHill; Steve Marlo CB&I; Adam Peterman, T-Mobile; Brandon Kirkham with Marathon Oil, Seth Webb, Google; Scott Schiller, Rep. Zeldin; Darlene Rosenkoetter, McGraw Hill Financial; Catherine Haggett, Koch; Brooke Hunter and Anna Duning with Engine Advocacy; John Murray; Doug Davenport; Vince Sampson, Cooley; Morgan Voss, Halliburton; Matt Haller, IFA; Mike Allen, Politico; Ileana Johnson, National Review; Charlie Hurt, Washington Times; Doug Heye, New York Yankees; Paul Kane, Washington Post; Keith Stern, Rep. McGovern; Kelsey Baron, Veterans Committee; Lauren French, Politico; Keith Stern; Chris Vieson, Public Strategies; Elizabeth Taylor, IFA; Sam Scales, Natural Resources Committee; Ron and Sara Bonjean; Ashlee Morehouse; Tom Feeney; Diane Rinaldo, Intelligence Committee; Jeff Shockey, House Intelligence Committee; Leland Vittert, Fox News; John Stipicevic, House Majority Leader McCarthy; Riley Titus, IFA; Joe Wall Goldman Sachs; David Lasseter, UTC; Mike Thompson, Goldman Sachs; Amos Snead, Bryant Row; Freddy Barnes, McCarthy; Aaron Cutler, Hogan Lovells;  Mike Long, McCarthy; Brad Dayspring; Amy Cat Cushing, House Appropriations Committee;  Brad Bailey, Speaker Boehner; Maryam Brown, Speaker Boehner; Joan Hillibrand, Mark Rattner, Michael Beckerman, Internet Association; Megan Wilson, The Hill; Mickey Mouse; Matt Bravo, Scaliese; Tim Pataki, House Energy & Commerce; Kate McGregor, Committee on Natural Resources; Neil Chatterjee, Senate MAJORITY Leader McConnell; Bill Dolbow; Shimmy Stein, West Front Strategies; Wyatt Stewart; John Hand, ICBA; Larry Seyfried; Dain Valverde; Tess Glancey, McCarthy; Natalie Buchanan, McCarthy; Brendan Kelsay, T-Mobile; Lawson Kluttz, McCarthy; Vince Sampson, Cooley; Samantha DeZur; Parker Polling, McHenry; Lynnel Ruckert, Scalise; Jason Rosa, Transportation Committee; Patrick O’Connor, Bryant Row; Kelley Hudak, Scalise; Chris Hodgson, Scalise; House Appropriations crew: Will Smith, Dale Oak, Mike Robinson, Marta Hernandez, Tammy Hughes, Kaitlyn Eisner-Poor, Cornell Teague, Donna Shahbaz, Taunja Berquam, Maureen Holohan, Tom O’Brien, Kate Hallahan, Andrew Cooper, B.G. Wright, Megan Milam, Betsy Bina, Pam Miller, Jeff Ashford, Sarah Young, Elizabeth King; Michael Ramlet, Morning Consult; Jen Jones, Red River Co.; Karrie Cohen, Red River Co.; Aaron Cohen, Capitol Counsel; Sheff Richey, Red River Co.; Richard Eddings, Senator Blunt; Val Nelson, Dentons; Johnnie Walker; Kathleen O’Connor, NextEra Energy; Paul Cenoz, Morning Consult; Kyle Dropp, Morning Consult; Laura Linderman, T-Mobile; Ben Cassidy, NRA; Stephen Aaron, NRA; Jack Thompson, NRA; Stephanie Fontenot, Senator Blunt; Stephen Replogle, Cove Strategies; Mary Neumayer, Energy & Commerce; Mike Henry, Alpine Group; Madison Setness; Carolina Hurley, CRNC; Sam Scales, House Resources Committee; Sophia Varnasidis, House Resources Committee; Nicole Petrosino, LPL; Mike Riith, Southern Company; Paul Gutierrez, NRECA; Chris Heggem, House Agriculture Committee; Brittanie Cushman, National Tobacco Company; Jeff Hogg, RGR; John Hoel, Altria; Ben Cassidy, NRA; Jessica Mandel, Credit Suisse; Tom Williams, CQ-Roll Call; Tom Wilbur, Congressman Fred Upton; Bits Thomas, Congressman Fred Upton; Steve Johnston, Google; Jordan Stoick, Congresswoman Noem; Pete Giambastiani, Congressman Rooney; Michelle Reinshuttle, Rooney; Rory Cooper, Purple Strategies; Kenny Day, Yahoo!; Jonathan Day, Congressman Joe Wilson; Matt Thornblad, UTC; Tal Eslick, Rep. Valado; Jeff Morehouse, Rep. Flores; Stoney Burke, Rep. Will Hurd; Stacey Johnson, CRN; Amy Barrera, Senator Gardner; Chris Erb, House Rules Committee; Sarah Osborn, Rep. Fleischmann; Tim and Christine Kurth; Dan Gans, Polaris Group; Jon Gans, Glover Park Group; Brent Baglien, Megan Garcia; ConAgra Foods, John Blazey, Boeing; Lisa Kramer rocks.

S6 S2 S1 S4 S3 S5 S7


Last night Yahoo threw a killer 20th birthday party for itself at the 101 Constitution rooftop. Movers and shakers chatted and sipped purple colored cocktails while the sun set over the District around them.

The DJ was on point (intermittent ’90s tunes, anyone?), the swag was impressive and the attendees were awesome (check out the Famously Spotted list below the photos) – even presidential hopeful Rand Paul stopped by. During remarks, we heard great things are in store for Yahoo, which we can’t wait to see.

Great event and happy birthday Yahoo!

_MG_4683 3 _MG_4851 2 _MG_4861 2 _MG_4884 2 _MG_5028 2 _MG_5131 2 _MG_5754 2 _MG_5916 2

_MG_4651 3 _MG_6231 2

FAMOUSLY SPOTTED: Kenny Day, Yahoo; Megan Liberman, Editor in Chief of the Yahoo News Group; Tekedra Mawakana, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel; Lisa Utzschneider, Senior Vice President, Sales, Americas; Anne Espiritu, Vice President of Global Public Relations; Rep. Rand Paul; Rep. Eric Swallwel; Rep. Will Hurd; Rep. Dan Newhouse; Rep. David N. Cicilline; Keegan Goudiss, Co-Founder of Revolution Messaging; Betsy Liley, Chief Development Officer at Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Team GEICO; Nika Nour, Internet Association; Jim Walsh, CEO of DSPolitical; Jack Smith, Politico; Peter Cherukuri, Politico; Marie Formica, FamousDC; Amos Snead, Bryant Row; Elyse Petroni; Matt Haller, IFA; Rebecca Haller; Andrew Kovalcin, Kasie Gorosh and Jared Parks, US Chamber of Commerce; Robert Jameson; Heidi Wilson; Stephanie Fontenot; Drew Marrs; Ben Jenkins and Matt Simeon of Locust Street Group; Jacqueline Policastro, Washington Bureau Chief for Gray Television; Michelle Fields, Fox News contributor; Amber Smith, Concerned Veterans for America; Katy McKegney, The Hill; Emily Cushman; Hollis Gurley; & Geoff Browning.

Meet Reid Wilson. World traveler, former National Journal Hotliner, former Washington Post reporter and now Congressional editor and chief political correspondent with Morning Consult.

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Famous Friday Round Up



Saturday 86 °F with a chance of thunderstorms, Sunday 87 °F and rain; 



Our hearts go out to the Amtrak riders in the crash this week; You’ve Got Mail … from Verizon…; RIP B.B. King; This week Rick Santorum emailed his supporters, with subject line, “Should I run for president?” The response was just what you would imagine it would be; Find out what your name would be if you were born in a different decade; artisan Target; the NSA is totally cool with Notorious B.I.G; Australia will kill Johnny Depp’s dogs if they have to; This is Obama just crushing it when it comes to mothers; Did you bike to work today?; What if you could just quit your job and be a DJ?; this picture though;



A PSA reminder for legislators caught doing dumb sh*t – sadly, this is still relevant; We now have a prescription to POLITICO Prescription Plus; What’s it like to be a woman on Capitol Hill?; NIGHT MARKET; these are the cutest anti-geese devices the National Park Service could have implemented; 50 people got into a fight in a Fairfax parking lot this morning; sleeping in public in Georgetown; best old person bars in DC; District in lego format; tech in Farragut on Fridays;



Michael Steel is taking his talents to South Beach. Damn it PR Newswire you out Tweeted us; Kenny Day knows what’s up in the campaign ad space; Raney Aronson named Frontline Executive Producer; We learned from the KGB File that Jack Abramoff is selling himself again; Ladies and Gentlemen, Doug Heye singing to Mr. and Mrs. Brian Walsh; Pic of the weekJohn Goodwin agreed wholeheartedly with Donald Trump this week re; Tom Brady’s balls; Rob Saliterman, Google’s political ad guy is headed to SnapChat to be their ad guy — to which his family responded, what is SnapChat?; Bob Honold is the man; Tell Kaleb Froehlich USC football is going to be bad again this season. Give him a hug if you see him; Phillip Stutts is doing BIG THINGS and having a birthday this weekend;



Tweets we liked you can RT, @mention, or just enjoy: leighmunsil; StevenEJohnston; jaconi; jdelreal; LeoShane;



We hope you bought the amazing Louisa Imperiale a really good gift because you are late to wish her a happy birthday; Happy birthday to Anne Marie Malecha, Elizabeth Dillon, Lilia Bruni, Linda Shultz, and Raleigh Bailes; Give Marty McGuinness a high-five this weekend for his birthday;

#MEDIAMOVES by Bryant Row

Ariel Kaminer headed to BuzzFeed News as senior investigations editor (h/t Mark Schoofs); Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev named president of the Washington Press Club Foundation; Tom LoBianco and Eugene Scott headed to CNN Politics (h/t Rachel Smolkin); Aaron Weiner is moving to Mother Jones from Washington City Paper (h/t Jessica Sidman); Cheers for John Helton who is headed to Roll Call Politics as editor;



Your weekend begins now.