Best of FamousDC Methodology

How We Found the Best in Political Digital

Berst of FamousDC 5-7-15

Good digital doesn’t happen by accident.

Our list of leading experts proves that theory.

Our list of digital influencers was identified by PR professionals, tech experts, top communicators, entrepreneurs and political pros.

In short, we asked the best of the best to identify the folks they felt were making the biggest impact in the DC digital space. And many of those we identified have already been snatched up by the hottest campaigns in 2016.

The Secret Sauce

Each candidate was ranked on five criteria: technical expertise, digital marketing experience, reach, innovation and leadership qualities & experience.

  • Technical Chops

    • HTML/CSS & coding experience
    • Video editing
    • Motion graphics
    • Design expertise (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
    • Database/CRM management (backend)
  • Digital Marketing Experience

    • Lead the process of strategic media planning
    • Email & List management
    • Message planning & execution
    • Copy-writing & editing
    • Earned and paid media campaigns
  • Reach

    • Social followers, on-the-record experience
  • Innovation

    • Successes online
    • Creative and innovative approach to digital marketing
    • Examples of unique digital platforms/campaigns
  • Leadership Experience

    • Budgeting, planning and staff development
    • Managing creative direction
    • Experience on national campaign
    • How many years in digital

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