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Hungry Lobbyist

Feasting Famously with Tucker Carlson A man truly living in his own Never, Never Land of food Some might know Tucker Carlson as the conservative knight in pastel bow-tie armor who battled the fire-breathing Ragin’ Cajun’ himself, James Carville, when they co-hosted CNN’s Crossfire. Others know him for his political commentary on networks such as MSNBC, and still ongoing, Fox News. However most recently, people will likely think of his wildly successful online journalism effort in launching The Daily Caller, a political news website reported to easily average over one million visitors every month. I know Tucker as a down-to-earth guy who loves Phish, The Grateful Dead, and liberal use of profanity.But what of Tucker Carlson and food? Surely he must subsist on more than a diet of Ayn Rand and coffee? Right? I sat down with the man himself to find out.