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Originally from Alabama, Phillip Stutts has made his mark in Washington, DC and all across the country. Two decades of political and marketing experience has rendered Phillip his own digital marketing firm, various awards, spearheading a thousand political campaign victories, making national broadcast appearances and now, his own book party – to name a few.

His book party, though, is not just a celebration of his literary accomplishment – it is a reminder of  what you can do when you’re given the option to live or die.


You were diagnosed with an incurable disease and faced an uncertain future – why did that drive you to write this book?

I wrote Fire Them Now because my perspective for years after being diagnosed with a rare, incurable disease was to feel sorry for myself, to suffer, and focus on me. With the incredible help of mentors, my wife and my little girl, I dug out of that whole. My perspective changed from paralysis, fear and inaction to positivity and a mission to change. And I’ve made massive progress toward finding a cure to my disease. It all started by changing my perspective. In a parallel universe I kept seeing business owners wallow in fear and paralyzed to take action in the most disruptive moment in the history of our economy. That story needed to be told.


What can readers expect from Fire Them Now?

Fire Them Now: The 7 Lies Digital Marketers Sell…And the Truth about Political Strategies that Help Businesses Win is the first behind-the-curtain look at how successful modern political marketing works, and how the principles we employ will give businesses explosive growth in the disruptive economy.

We are now firmly living in a “customer-is-in-charge” economy and its disruption will either end or radically alter every business in the world (I give some real, eye-popping examples in the book too). Businesses either conform to how consumers want to be treated or they will die. This is a crazy concept to many business owners, but we inherently get it in politics because voters are always in charge in our world.

I also dedicate an entire chapter on how businesses can utilize their ad dollars to “go negative” on their competition. If you like the negative ad strategy, this is the book for you.


If you could compare this book to a cocktail (or any drink), which one would it be?

A shot of Fireball. Just like my chapter on how businesses should use negative advertising, it burns and it works. 🔥


What are you doing when you’re not writing?

Family first. Disrupting an incurable disease. Always trying to grow and serve my team at Go BIG Media.

About to hit some rapids.

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What’s a tweet that describes your current mood?

My mood is to always to grow – to “embrace the change that’s coming” and this tweet 12 months ago (and attached Inc. interview) helped save my life.


Bonus! What’s next?

Family, work, fun – Push my chips to the center of the table. I’m all in.

The family pic at sunset.

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