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Today’s the day when the majority of Americans are conned into buying things they don’t need and will never use for the sole purpose of saying that they bought these items for a great deal. But us DCers know how to get the best bang for our buck- I mean we do pay only $2,369 a month to live in a shoebox. So take that KitchenAid out of your cart (you’re not fooling anyone) and checkout some of these great deals on items you’ll be using all the time in DC.


Between all of the museums, monuments, and “artsy” sites your visitors will want you to photograph them in front of, you can’t go wrong with a nice camera.

Sports Apparel:

We may not be in the best season for most of our DC sports, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show your team spirit. Whether it’s the Redskins, the Wizards, the Capitals, or the Nationals, here are the best places to get your fan apparel today.

Winter Coats:

Ready or not, a brutal winter is coming our way very very soon. Be prepared with these great deals on outerwear.


You know when you’re on the metro and have no desire to interact with anyone within a 10 mile radius of you? Well now you don’t have to, just pop on your headphones and pretend your music is so loud you can’t hear a word they’re saying.

Work Clothes:

Whether you’re on the Hill or off, chances are you need to dress nicely for work. So here are the best deals we could find for your weekday wardrobe.


In DC, people need their starbucks like they need their oxygen. To help you breath a little cheaper, check out this great deal.