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The 2016 campaign cycle has seemed endless. Long ties. Unflattering pantsuits. Emails. Servers. Walls. Media attacks. Cheap hats. Political reporters have been crisscrossing the country for two years covering this incredibly divisive campaign. Sometimes we wish you wouldn’t but mostly, we’re thankful for your tireless dedication.

Inside the Beltway we often lose perspective on what else is happening around the country. Before this campaign season draws to a close and we have 48 hours in the real world before we look to 2018 and 2020, let’s review the awesome non-political things that have occurred while our eyes have been fixed on the politics section of the news.

  1. The Cubs won the World Series for the first time in over 100 years.
  2. David Ortiz retired from baseball. But it’s ok, because the ads are hilarious.
  3. The US dominated the Olympics, despite Ryan Lochte getting into some sketchy shenanigans.
  4. Speaking of which, Michael Phelps retired from swimming, but not before making a really angry face. It’s ok though because Katie Ledecky is amazing. Plus, there is also always gymnastics.
  5. Former president Jimmy Carter announced he had cancer — and then he beat it!
  6. The Cleveland Cavaliers (really LeBron James) won the NBA title.
  7. Tom Brady continued to dominate the sport of football, deflated balls and all.
  8. There was a dress. It was blue and black. Some crazy people thought it was white and gold.
  9. People chose to be obsessed with, rather than repulsed by, a NYC rat carrying off a slice of pizza.
  10. McDonald’s made breakfast available all day.
  11. Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar.
  12. Beyonce reinvented the idea of the Lemonade business.
  13. Speaking of lemonade (and iced tea), RIP Arnold Palmer.
  14. Pope Francis came to the United States.
  15. Steph Curry became the most famous NBA player ever from Davidson.
  16. Drake dropped a hit. And then a hit. And then a hit. Oh, and he and Rihanna dated.
  17. Johnny Football closed out a Las Vegas bar…weekly.
  18. Speaker Boehner retired to a life of family, golf, wine and boards. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House, making us wonder if we too should find employment at T-Coast.
  19. Harambe.
  20. Taylor Swift dated and broke up with boyfriends.
  21. We all lived through Back to the Future day without flying cars. Sigh.
  22. Richard Gilmore died in real life. But it’s ok (sorta) because the Gilmore Girls are coming back!

We’ve missed a lot, but it’s ok. We will be back to politics before we know it.