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Let’s get baked! Baked & Wired that is. You know, that place with those baked goods and latte art you see all over instagram?

This mini goldmine came to life back when owners Tony and Teresa Velazquez owned a graphics company at the same location the Baked & Wired is at today. These two realized that there was nowhere in the neighborhood for them to get an awesome cup of coffee (sorry, Starbucks) or baked goods, so they did as any rational person would and opened up a shop themselves.

Since it’s opening in 2001, Baked & Wired has become one of the hottest spots in Georgetown, so FamousDC sat down for a Famous 5 interview with their general manager, Karen Gramke, to find out what they’ve been brewing over there.


How’d you get the name Baked & Wired?

“We’re serving up baked goods (baked) and coffee (wired). It’s pretty fun getting people baked.



On average, how many baked goods do you eat in one shift?

“Always at least one! We’re constantly tasting stuff to make sure we’re serving the best of the best. I’ve also been known to eat the stuff that accidentally falls to the floor. No shame.”



Tell us about the most memorable, good or bad, customer you’ve ever had.

“It’s always fun when celebrities come in. John Oliver stopped by the other week and we all collectively lost our minds! No one was able to play it cool.”

“As for not so pleasant experiences, we had a guy come in carrying a stuffed cat. Which was totally fine until he ordered a drink for himself and a latte for the cat. He demanded that we speak to her directly and he would ‘translate’ for us. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure.”



Do you have any secret menu items like Starbucks?

“Kind of! This one you have to put together yourself, but it’s totally worth the effort. Get yourself a bakedwich and order a double shot of espresso. Ask for a large ‘for here’ cup, and cut you bakedwich in half and pour that delicious espresso all over that ice cream sammie. It’s life changing.”



Are you more of an icing or cake fan?

“As Rihanna once said… ‘cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake cake.'”