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Check out these five types of weirdos who showed up to protest at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Nude Models

100 female models holding mirrors lined up nude in Cleveland, OH during the RNC to be photographed by artist Spencer Tunick. This event was either Trump’s worst nightmare or his dream come true. Many of the models were anti-Trump but some participated in the project for other reasons including positive body image promotion.



Polar Bear

A climate change protester dressed in a full furry polar bear costume appeared in Cleveland holding a sign reading, “what will you do to save me?” Poor little arctic animal. Whoever was in there must’ve been sweating bullets, kind of like our FamousDC interns when they wear the panda suit.



Pee Protesters

At one point during a protest Tuesday afternoon, members of different religious and activist groups threw urine at each other. It doesn’t get more unsanitary than that, except for maybe throwing poop at each other. Didn’t their mothers ever tell them it’s not polite to dump excrement on people? Luckily, groups including Code Pink, whose members dressed as Lady Liberty, stayed out of it. These protesters really know how to make a stink in Cleveland.



Supportive Protesters

AKA supporters. Bikers for Trump and NRA members came together to speak positively about the Republican presidential candidate as part of the America First Unity Rally on Monday. Many of these people were armed, but police say the gatherings remained peaceful. Officers only confiscated a slingshot, small knife, and gas masks. Just a typical day in Ohio. We totally have a slingshot in our office. Not.



Hunger Games Announcer

Stephen Colbert crashed the RNC stage on Sunday to make fun of Trump’s anti-immigration policies, South Carolina’s bathroom law, and Chris Christie. Colbert toted a fake pet ferret and donned an electric blue wig with matching eyebrows, imitating Caesar Flickerman from The Hunger Games. Sounds like someone was hungry for a new segment for his talk show.