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Every year a special day is dedicated to the women who raised us, wiped our tears (and butts), marched over to our 4th grade teachers demanding to know why her perfect child received a ‘D’ on the latest homework assignment, stayed up late taking temperatures and then was back at it again in the morning.

This special day is known as Monday – Sunday. In addition to the daily “thank you” we should be giving our moms, we should especially thank them on their only day off in the year: Mother’s Day – and you know very well she’s still going to make dinner and clean up after you then too.

Thanks, Mom!

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Special Shout out to FamousDC Co-founder, Josh Shultz’s mom – Linda Shultz, who is also celebrating her birthday next week:

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And a Mommy’s Day message from the little ones:


Did you forget Mother’s Day is in two days? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered for way less than a Hallmark card.

Download your card here and thank us later!



Shout out to our picture perfect Moms: Celia Lopez-Becker, Mary Ann Politi, Sue Jamiel, Wendy Dunkle, Hilda Lyons, Julia Williams, Lisa Ghessie, Katherine Gress, Ruth Formica, Celeste and G-ma Roth, Mary Woods, Debra Bergmeister, Robin Shultz and Geriann Beck!