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S-3 Public Affairs last night proved that Bryant Row + S-3 Group = fantastic things. Earlier this year, our own Amos Snead’s Bryant Row joined forces with S-3 Group creating a full-service public affairs firm anchored by seasoned, media-savvy Capitol Hill veterans. The firm marks the future of public affairs in Washington: nimble, strategic government and public affairs professionals together on one team.

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Guests, including Ryan Weston, Leland Vittert, Matt Sparks, Mike Long, Tom Wilbur, Becky Card, Dan Schneider, Jenn Sherman, Will Allison, Megan Whittemore, Doug Heye, Mark Ratner, Erin McPike, Tom Williams, Joan Hillebrands,  Melissa Roy, Tom Nelson, Robby Zirkelbach, Hannah Mooney, Tim Cameron, Dan Huey, Rachel Kelley, Anne Lesser, Cara Morris Stern, Bill Dolbow, Todd Novasonce, Harrison Kircher, Matt Lira, Camp Kaufman, Megan Wilson, Meghan Burris, Matt Bravo, Summer Bravo, Kevin Sheridan, Rob Saliterman, Paul Cenox, Bill Koetzle, John Murray, Valeria Nelson, Todd Wooten, Lenwood Brooks, Erin McPike, Jim Richards, Keith Stern, Marta Hernandez, Tyler Hernandez, Brandi Pensoneau, Justin Daly, Erik Johnson, Shimmy Stein, Muffy Day, Jonathan Day, Allison Browning, David Drucker, Jenny Drucker, Tori Barnes, Adam Peterman, Jeff Shockey, Darlene Rosenkoetter, Bob Moran, Reps. Fred Upton, Steve Scalise, Patrick McHenry, Martha Roby, Steny Hoyer, David Joyce, David Valadao, Bill Flores, Billy Long, Peter Welch and others were greeted with a Famous Amos at the door.

Celebrity guest bartender, Gina Chersevani, also mixed up a Two Week Recess and Retainer at the downstairs bar while Detached Retina kept the party going upstairs.



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Yes, they are smart, talented and can navigate both the halls of the Capitol complex and the media, but they also have amazing taste in swag.

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S-3 Public Affairs thinks of everything, catering to everyone’s needs. Whether you prefer solo cups, koozies with bottle openers or wine keys, S-3 Public Affairs has you covered.