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Working in the media really sucks.

CareerCast recently ranked the worst jobs for 2016 and the industry made the list more than once – and we gotta tell ya’, they might be on to something.

Early hours, late nights and days so long you can barely remember your own birthday or that it’s Christmas day will bring on the grey hair way before you realize you’re even capable of growing any. You can probably get paid more walking your neighbor’s dog and a well balanced diet is, more so, a goal on your dream board than a daily habit.

Truth is, no matter how much we complain about the media, we can’t live without it and rely on it daily for information, water cooler chit chat, and to keep up conversation at those annoying networking events.

So we salute you print reporters, digital journalists and future Wolf Blitzers of America. Here’s a little reminder just how cool your jobs can be.