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Generation Progress descended on Capitol Hill this morning to deliver an important message to eleven Senators of the Judiciary Committee. The group of 30 – 40 young professionals thought the message would be best delivered in the form of a lesson, as apparently these Senators have forgotten how a certain aspect of their job works.

The issue at hand gained traction when Senate Republicans vowed to withhold consideration of any Obama SCOTUS nominee – an insult that many say not only discredits the authority of the president but also deliberately ignores the duties outlined by their positions as committee members.

As a gentle reminder of the importance of doing their job in a timely manner, the Generation Progress crew delivered copies of Schoolhouse Rock! and a friendly lesson in civics to each of the eleven Senatorial offices who refused to hold a nomination hearing. A costumed Constitution accompanied by the Statue of Liberty stopped by each of the eleven offices, and although they did not speak with any Senators directly, they were heard out by office assistants and staffers. The whole group was outfitted with pins reading, “Do Your Job”.


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“We wanted to show those Senators of the Judiciary Committee who have refused to hold so much as a hearing for a Supreme Court nominee that young people are invested in this issue, and that the Court vacancy has a direct impact on our lives,” said Generation Progress Press Associate, Kyle Epstein.

Generation Progress advocates symbolically "follow" the Constitution in front of the Supreme Court
Generation Progress advocates symbolically “follow” the Constitution in front of the Supreme Court Building.

“Our goal here is twofold: first, we want to show these obstructionists that young people want a fully functioning judiciary branch, and don’t have any taste for the hyper-partisan maneuvering holding our democracy hostage,” said Maggie Thompson, Executive Director of Generation Progress. “Second, we want to show how failing to hold a hearing for a Supreme Court nominee is a clear rejection of the Constitution. We hope a quick refresher via Schoolhouse Rock!will remind these Senators just how our branches of government are designed to work.”

Apparently, the committee feels more comfortable with the new SCOTUS justice nominee coming from Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Generation Progress is an organization under the umbrella of the Center for American Progress (CAP) that works with and for young people to promote progressive solutions to key political and social challenges. Legal Progress, also of CAP, previously released an animated video in “Schoolhouse Rock” style expanding upon the dangers of judicial vacancies, and the process of becoming a judge.