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Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.24.35 AMThe Redskins Twitter account said it best: “Go ahead, update your pic.” In other words, to all the pseudo-fans too embarrassed to rock Redskins swag the rest of the year, this is your official invitation to jump on the bandwagon. That’s right. The Washington Redskins are the NFC East Division Champions of 2015.

Since they’re on to the playoffs, we reached out to a few of our friends who we know to be #TrueFans and asked them for a tip or two for those who now want to the rock the burgundy and gold.

Neil Chatterjee

Tip 1: January 4, 1992, the “yellow seat cushion game.” All bandwagon fans should Google it. Redskins against the Falcons. MC Hammer was on the Falcons sidelines in a long leather coat and had a guy holding an umbrella for him and a guy toweling off the coat. We crushed the Falcons 24-7. Near the end of the game the fans started hurling their game-day give away yellow seat cushions. They sailed like the best paper airplanes in the world and rained down on the field like a burgundy and gold ticker tape parade. Since it may be raining on Sunday and we’re playing at home I’m hoping for a repeat so bandwagoners work on your wrist action!

Tip 2: Second tip: Make sure you know who the Hogs are if asked.

Playoff Prediction: Kirk Cousins out guns Aaron Rodgers on Sunday getting the Skins into the second round where anything can happen! Ultimately however the season will end with Tom Brady putting a ring on his thumb.

Dave Natonski

Tip 1: Bandwagon fans obviously need to know all the words to “Hail to the Redskins” including the somewhat forgotten second verse – Beat’em, Swamp’em – Touchdown! Let the points soar! – Fight on, fight, til you have won – Sons of Washington FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Tip 2: It’s Kirk not Kurt.

Playoff Prediction: – Skins 28 Pack 17

Matt Haller

Tip 1: We’ll take anyone from the South on our bandwagon. In our hay-day, Skins territory stretched from the Mason Dixon Line to South Florida and West to the Mississippi. The Redskins dominated the south before expansion brought us the Jaguars, Panthers, Titans and when the Falcons were completely irrelevant. The only real competition was the Marino-era Dolphins and then the Cowboys.

Tip 2: The original Hail to the Redskins was not “fight for old DC – it was “fight for old Dixie”

Playoff Prediction: Skins trail most of the game after GB goes up early but hang around w/ field goals and a long D-Jax TD pass. Since GB can’t run the ball, a Ryan Kerrigan clothesline sack of Aaron Rodgers late in the 4th quarter when they should be running out the clock on us changes the game after Rodgers gets a cleat caught in the FedEx slop (right around the area RGIII broke himself in 2012) to spring a fumble recovery TD stumble to the end zone by Pot Roast for a Skins 27-24 victory. Reskins fans storm the field chanting “You Like That!?” and carry Kirk Cousins into the locker room.

Tobias Sellier

A simple message for the Packers this weekend.


Topher Cushman

Topher’s family has had Redskins season tickets since 1939 (all three stadiums). “As a family we don’t sell our tickets and we rarely miss a game.”

Tip 1:  The words to Hail to the Redskins- not as easy as other towns where to get on the bandwagon you might only need to show up with a terrible towel or buy a Seahawks number 12 jersey, for example.

Tip 2:  Redskins fans don’t like Bob Costas- that’s probably the best way I can put that.

Playoff Prediction: I never look past the next game- this week we need to take care of the ball and beat the Packers.

Sara Croom 

“I just jumped on the “Making a Murderer” bandwagon just like everyone and their mother jumped on the Redskins bandwagon. #HTTR”

Hungry Lobbyist

Tip 1: Learn “Hail to the Redskins.” Seriously, it’s not that hard. Learn it.

Tip 2: Know who the Hogettes are. When you go to a game or watch it on TV, and someone asks “What’s the deal with people dressed as pigs?” you’ll have an “accurate” answer. And of course, don’t be a douchebag and talk about the name of the team when you’re in the stadium, or even watching it with friends. Sure, you have passionate feelings, and of course you are correct on whatever you feel – just don’t do it.

Playoff Prediction: Redskins over Packers…but we fall to the Panthers. But always, #HTTR!

Matthew A. Coursen

Tip 1: Don’t wear a Skins jersey of a player who either doesn’t play anymore (RGIII) or one of the retired players who isn’t a hall of famer (Gus Frerote). If you’re a bandwagon fan, you might as well go get yourself a Kirk Cousins jersey or wear one of the classics like John Riggins or Darrell Green or Sean Taylor.

Doug Thornell

When the Skins were NFC East Champions back in 2012, Democratic strategist Doug Thornell made an epic appearance on MSNBC by holding up a Redskins jersey with pride. We reached out to Mr. Thornell for comment. His response: “That was for the millions and millions of fans in Redskins Nation who have been waiting 13 years.”

befa3537-e4d7-4ddf-b6ac-8f9236e9def3Doug- huge props on that mighty fine editing job you did there (No one can tell).

But at the end of the day, this is all you really need to know…

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