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Bored on Thanksgiving day?

The gang has feasted; the kitchen is clean; the kids are in bed; Grandma is loaded; your second hangover of the day is setting in; and… you’re bored. That’s why you’ve found yourself here, after all. We’ve got you covered. Below are a few of our favorite articles and events from the fall.

Thanksgiving Bingo

The holiday of thanks is upon us. One of the things we’re most thankful for is the precious time in which families and friends come together for one giant, gluttonous, forced, drunken, argument-induced meal. A night where bonds are formed, feuds are solidified, and awkwardness runs rampant. That’s right- it’s Thanksgiving dinner.


Confessions of a Capitol Hill Staffer: Top Ten Worst People on the Hill

1. The staffer who isn’t qualified for their job.

2. The lobbyist who knows nothing about your boss.

3. Interns and/or staff assistants who discuss private office information in public.


Welcome to the Moulin Bleu

NJI Media of Alexandria, VA kicked off the marathon of holiday events this season with their Moulin Bleu party last night. The company is known for their award-winning digital design, web development, and multi media production for some of the top companies in DC and internationally. NJI teamed up with FamousDC to produce the event; and the design, decor, and digital creations were off the charts at this year’s client and team appreciation party. The night was full of entertainment, fine food, and libations. We assure you you’ve never been to a work event like this before.


Famous Rant: The DC Snapchat Story

1. Complete disregard for Happy Hour and brunch

2. The obvious favoritism of certain types of snaps

3. Concerts. My god, the concerts


What’s Hot 2016

FamousDC and the National Restaurant Association (NRA) teamed up for a fantastic event last night in Georgetown. The NRA headquarters offered a beautiful setting as the venue for the annual #WhatsHot event- a preview of restaurant menu trends for the coming year. Denson DC provided hand crafted signature cocktails- concocted individually for each guest.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.50.33 PM

Famous 5: Paul Kane

Meet Paul Kane. Although, he probably doesn’t need much of an introduction as his name has appeared in bylines across notable DC publications for over ten years. Paul has covered the inside scoop of politics at the Washington Post since 2007 and has earned an enviable reputation in the industry for fairness and respect.


27 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Hurricane Joaquin

1. Buy milk and bread

2. Build an Ark

3. Watch a lot of Joaquin Phoenix movies


What FamousDC and Ludacris Have in Common

We party together in Washington, D.C.

Famous DC Meets Las Vegas

FamousDC brought the District to Las Vegas with an awesome event (if we do say so ourselves) before the first Democratic presidential candidate debate of the season. Earlier in the evening, Facebook and the Washington Post both hosted buzzed-about events down on the Strip. Eventually some of the political and media rockstars attending their events joined FamousDC for our event at Hyde,within the iconic Bellagio Hotel for the unofficial afterparty event with views of the iconic fountain show, specialty cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres.


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