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It’s almost Halloween and that means a few things in D.C. First, avoid M Street at all costs on Saturday night. Second, if you live in an “up-and-coming” (read: unsafe) neighborhood, be careful, people feel empowered when wearing masks. Third (this applies anywhere), if you live in a house, buy candy (not pretzels, not school supplies, don’t be that guy). Finally, it means politically-timely costumes will abound.

Here’s a list of the most D.C. costumes for 2015:

  • Donald Trump, of course. From the hair to the hat, there’s plenty to do there. (We beg you not to go this route though)
  • Hillary. Just dust off that old pantsuit (or borrow one from mom) and print out PLENTY of pages of emails. Just be sure you’re only carrying one cellphone.
  • Speaker of the House. Wear a shirt that says “the job nobody seems to want.”
  • RBG. Just grab a black bathrobe, lace collar, low bun. Boom. You’re set. And adorably intimidating.
  • Capitol Dome. The Dome, as we all know, is under construction. Grab some chicken wire, wear all white, wrap yourself in it. Photobomb everyone you see and ruin what used to be a beautiful picture.
  • Pope. That Fiat was pretty awesome. Don’t forget about it.
  • RGIII. You can dress for the game, I guess, but just sit down. Contribute nothing. Make tons of money, and have your picture printed on the ticket.

Wherever you go, whatever you dress as, have fun this weekend.